Katie L. Acosta, Ph.D.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work as a professor. Despite its many downsides, I love academia. I love teaching and I love my research.

When I am not running around wearing my many professor hats, I can be found spending time with my kids Josiah and Juniper likely somewhere by the water, if I can help it.

In the United States, I have lived most of my life in Boston, Connecticut or New York City.  Since leaving that part of the country in 2009, I’ve enjoyed warmer climates first in New Orleans and now in Atlanta.

I  received my Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in New York City and went on to receive a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Connecticut in 2009. Since completing my doctorate, I have worked in a university setting.  I am currently Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Georgia State University. My areas of interest and expertise include Latina/o sexuality, gender, immigration, family and race and ethnicity. I frequently teach Race and Ethnicity, Race in the Americas, Families & Society and Gender and Sexuality.

People ask me all the time “what I am” … as in what is my race or ethnicity. Usually they assume I’m African American or biracial. I am actually Dominican and while I don’t go back to Puerto Plata as often as I’d like, I do go every chance I get.

Katie lecturing
Image credit: Linda Lowe

For more about my academic life, checkout my university profile or view my curriculum vitae.

My thoughts on AfroLatinidad


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  • Bobbie Paul

    19 January, 2019 Reply
    May I share your blog post about doing an Atlanta Transit Angels shift at the Greyhound Station -with a group of adults at Central Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning? Your post is very moving. I saw it after Grace Hawkins applauded you for your tremendous insights of this volunteer effort.
    • acostakatie@gmail.com

      1 February, 2019 Reply
      Hi Bobbie, Please do share the post. Atlanta Transit Angels is in the process of developing a training program for new volunteers. Like our facebook page to remain up to date on this and future opportunities to remain active. https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaAboveGroundRailroad/