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Queer Stepfamilies

Queer Stepfamilies will be available for purchase in Spring 2021. Preorder your copy with New York University Press.

Queer Stepfamilies is based on qualitative interview data which I conducted over the course of 7 years. The book explores the experiences of lesbian, bisexual, and queer stepparent families. It helps us better understand how these families manage their legal and social (in) visibilities. Further it illustrates the creative resilient and inspiring ways in which they manage plural parenting. 


Want to learn more about me or my stepparent family? Read my guest blog post on VillageQ

Also, you can read my NYU blog titled, Plural Parenting and Permission to be Imperfect, on nyupressblog

Family Equality asked my family to share our story with their podcast OutSpoken Voices. Listen here. 



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