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I conduct half day, full day or multi-day workshops for schools and non-profit organizations on race and or gender inclusion, sexual diversity, or cultural awareness.

Some examples include

Gender Freedom Workshop – This workshop is ideal for educators who work with children of all ages. Attendees learn about gender socialization and how educators can often unintentionally restrict children’s gender freedom. Attendees are asked to reflect on how educational practices reinforce a gender binary and how educational spaces can foster an environment for children’s safe gender exploration.

Sexual Diversity – This workshop if appropriate for those wanting to make their educational environments or organizations more inclusive to members of the LGBTQ community. Attendees will learn how heteronormative practices are reproduced in institutional settings, how to use inclusive language, and how to develop institutional goals that embrace diverse sexual orientations .

Race Equity – This workshop offers attendees awareness of racial/ethnic diversity. Attendees learn how white privilege and racial bias are reinforced within institutions and the steps they can take to foster more racial inclusivity. Whether you need help addressing racial tensions in your workplace or just want to improve your racial literacy, I can help.

These workshops do not just offer learning objectives. Attendees gain tools to help them reach their goals of inclusion. I will work with you to develop concrete steps that you can implement to create organizational change. Together, we develop a plan for helping you advance on your journey towards literacy.

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